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Twice each year, Sonoma Forge will award a prize for the best photo received in six months.

All photos received before January 1, 2024 will be considered for the current contest.

The Best Photograph will be awarded in January of 2024:

New Lav Faucet, choice of finish, retail value up to $1,760!

Photos received after 1/1/24 will be considered for the next prize,

to be awarded in July of 2024.

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Important Tips:

You may submit as many photos as you like, and it is recommended that for any Sonoma Forge product, you take several. Photograph your subject from different camera angles, and use different camera settings, then just send all the photos you took. Only send large jpeg or Camera Raw files, the bigger the better, so take the pictures at the highest possible quality and resolution setting, and make sure that your email program is not set to automatically reduce them them as you send them. We prefer photos that are not cropped, edited or photoshopped in any way. If you choose to stylize a photo, be sure to also send the original shot, as it was taken, before you did anything to it.



Official Disclaimer:

Professional photos that Sonoma Forge has purchased are excluded from consideration. By sending photos, you hereby certify that the photo(s) that you submit is your original work and that you are the sole copyright owner. Do not send any images that belong to someone else or that you do not have full rights to. You are entering this photo(s) as an honest and true effort of your personal creativity and unique artistic vision, and you understand that any photos, including any human likeness therein, that you send to Sonoma Forge may be used by Sonoma Forge online or in print. By submitting, you grant Sonoma Forge non-exclusive, royalty-free license to publish your submitted photo(s), in print or electronic form for advertising and promotion, as well as in marketable products now and in the future without further notice, permission, or compensation. Granted publishing rights are non-revocable.


Photo by Robert Benson
Design by Haver & Skolnick Architects


"Sonoma Forge was the perfect choice for the outdoor shower of our Fishers Island retreat. The bold, distinctive profile of the shower complements the massive stones of the rustic landscape. The copper is developing a rich warm patina, highlighted by a backdrop of weathered cedar shingles. There's nothing more enjoyable than showering outside on a hot summer day while viewing the Atlantic in the distance."

Winning photo by Kyle O'Donnell,

Gramercy Design


"I first saw your outdoor shower at a friend's beach house out on Long Island. The house was on the ocean so the entire outdoor shower was coated in a rustic patina - it was phenomenal. I started specifying these in every project possible. Everyone raves about these showers. There are very few comparable outdoor products out there that can stand the test of salt air and become more beautiful over time. We will keep specifying these!"


–Kyle O'Donnell

Photo by Robert Benson
Design by Haver & Skolnick Architects


"We were searching for high-quality plumbing fittings and accessories which were both bold and rustic, complementing the rural simplicity of the building. For the outdoor shower, it was particularly important to find copper fittings which would relate to the copper architectural details of the building exterior.  For the interior, the darker bronze finish provided a crisp contrast to the white-washed pine walls. Coordinated cabinet hardware, hooks and accessories provided touches of the distinctive Sonoma Forge style throughout the building."

Winning photo by Amadeus Leitner,

Design by HVL Interiors


"We selected Sonoma Forge plumbing fixtures and sinks for these two guest bathroom remodels for their distinctive, yet timeless feeling. Their handcrafted story and beautiful finishes added a layer of patina and character to the rooms. These are smaller bathrooms without any important architectural interest, so we were able to create a feeling of luxury through the fixtures, lighting and tile. "


–Heather Van Luchene,

Principal, HVL Interiors

George Bevan of Bevan & Associates


"Loved using Sonoma Forge on our Dry Creek project, because of two very important reasons: 1) Honesty of the aesthetic. Simple, clean and beautiful. 2) Function. Purely straight forward, balanced with multiple options. Perfect for an afternoon rinse-off! The client's love it as well. THANK YOU!"

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